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Nail On Colour S - Bounce Coral


Say hello to Nail On ultra-comfortable, ultra-slim, press on nails featuring Natural Fit Technology. 
Made of a high-performance resin material, Nail On nails are strong, durable and chip proof. 
  • Bounce Coral- a bright coral 
  • Squoval shape
  • Short in length for a natural look
  • Glossy high shine finish
  • Waterproof
  • Includes 30 nails, prep pad, file and cuticle stick
  • Featuring ultra hold adhesive tab with exclusive dual-layer technology for stay put perfection

Ingredients: NAILS: ABS Plastic ADHESIVE: Acrylic Acid, Ethylhexyl Acrylate, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone


First things first

  • Choose a nail to fit each finger and arange in order
  • If nails are too long, trim before applying Nail On nails


  • Wash your hand with soap and water
  • It's all about the Prep Pad! Wipe away all oil, soap and residue using the Prep Pad


  • Remove clear tab
  • Position tab end of nail at your cuticle
  • Apply thumbnails last


  • Apply nail polish remover between your nail and Nail On nails; simple peel after 1 minute
  • Alternatively use the supplied cuticle stick to loosen nails 

How do Nail On stay on without glue?

Nail On nails were made with a new, ultra hold adhesive tab which uses our exclusive dual-layer technology where the top layer binds to the artificial nail and the bottom layer adheres to the natural nail for stay put perfection!

Can I cut or file the Nail On nails? 

Avoid cutting, but feel free to file the nails to create the length and shape that you prefer... Wait about an hour after initial application to give Nail On nails time to fully bond with your natural nails. 

Will the nails get snagged or caught in my hair with my fingers? 

Make sure you push back your cuticles before putting on Nail On nails. Then when you do, make sure you gently slide the nail under your pushed back cuticle. This way you won't have any gaps for your hair to snag in. In addition, if there's exposed adhesive under nails, apply clear polish to seal it. 

Will Nail On damage my natural nail? 

Nail On nails are completely safe for your own nails! There's no harsh nail glue and the removal process is super easy. 

Are Nail On nails durable? 

A high-performance resin material makes Nail On nails very strong, durable and chip-proof. The nails have an ultra hold dual-layer adhesive tab, which conforms to a natural nail for a smooth, long-lasting waterproof finish. 

How long does Nail On last for?

Nail On press on nails can be safely used for up to 7 days.